A Short Update

We are back from the Maasai Mara – the most beautiful green space on our planet! Between Lynette, Karis and myself, we probably have taken close to 2,000 pictures of the Mara alone.

We left on Wednesday morning, for a very long and bumpy 7 hour car ride to the Mara. But it was so worth it. We settled in to the equivalent of a 5-star hotel – only it’s platformed tents in the middle of nowhere. I will share many more thoughts and pictures later, but for now, just know that the two day rest was needed and enjoyed.

This morning, we are heading out to Joseph Sulwa’s village for a family celebration to honor his parents – this “family” will include 700-1000 guests!! And because we are the white people visitors (mzungu), we will have a place of honor throughout the day. I’m quite anxious to see village life in action. Again, I’m sure that between Karis and I, we will have mountains of pictures by the end of the day.

I do have two prayer requests:

  1. The night before we went on safari, our wonderful Nairobi driver gave me a giant bear hug. He hugged so tightly that he popped one of my ribs out of joint – it’s a rib that has popped out twice before, so it’s more and more prone to happening. Please pray that either it pops back in or that I can find a trustworthy chiropractor. It really bothers me most in the mornings after laying still in one position over night. As the day wears on, the joints loosen up a bit more and I get more comfortable.
  2. Nancy picked up a stomach bug overnight. She is fairly sick this morning and is most likely not going to go with us to the village. Pray that she gets over the bug quickly.

That’s all for now – again, I promise to revisit all that we have done here and add pictures later.



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