The event is what’s important

After all the frustrations of waiting yesterday, a good reminder this morning. On Sunday, we ended up about 45 minutes late to a dinner engagement with Dennis and Irene Tongoi. As Bob was apologizing, Dennis assured him, “The timing is not what is important – it is the event that is important.”

Through all the waiting yesterday, nothing started on time. But at the end of the day, the things that are truly important happened. Pastor Roy spent time doing leadership training with several pastors. Did it start on time? No. Did the technology work up to our standards? No. Did everyone come that was expected? No. But, Roy met with six pastors that engaged with the materials he brought. They received his training and were grateful for his words on leadership.

I had a chance to share my hobby with 13 students. Did we start on time? No. Were the students as advanced as I expected? No. Did we accomplish as much as I had wanted to? No. But, is that what’s important? No. I was able to introduce a new concept to these students who have come from nothing. Not all of them were that keen on it, but there were at least 5 or 6 that by the time we were done understood the concepts of quilting and probably 1 or 2 that will really end up interested.

The rest of the team opened the nursery. Did they start on time? No. Were they able to spend time with the teachers? No. Did they hang out with the kids playing? No. But they got all of the stuff into the nursery. They set up the bed caddies. They taught three little ones what toys are – little ones that have never even seen a toy. At first they were scared, but quickly took to the toys and started playing with them.

So what is it that is really important? What time we start? How many quilt blocks we create? Or so many other things that we get stuck on? No – what is important is that Roy spent time with leaders, I spent time passing on the ideas of quilting and the team opened the nursery.

What a good reminder in a place where the concept of time is held so loosely.


One thought on “The event is what’s important

  1. Have been hungry for every word Barb and your fellow travelers. “Time and organization” are things we so take for granted. In 3rd world settings, when chaos is the norm, waiting and dis-organization are part of everyday life. Praying that you all are able to share all that you have brought with you, mostly your compassion and care and sense God’s hand and timing.

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