Another busy day full of waiting

Today was scheduled to be a day filled with activity at the Brydges Center and at the Skills Center. Pastor Roy taught leadership principles to about a dozen preachers from around this area. I was scheduled to teach quilting at the Skills Center and the rest of the team was working on opening the nursery.

What we learned today was that there is no time in Kenya. I went to the BC this morning at 9:00 with Pastor Roy and the other guys. I was hoping to catch a quick tour of the BC and then be driven back to Kitengala to the Skills Center to teach quilting for the whole day. Roy was to start his teaching at about 10:00 and the rest of the guys were going to unload all the stuff for the nursery.

The rest of the women were coming a bit later after they finished sorting the other things that were to be given to people at the BC. They arrived at the BC at 11:00 – I was still there and had not yet received my tour.

There is also no such thing as a quick anything – so the tour took considerably longer than anticipated too.

I was finally taken to the Skills Center and arrived there at 1:00 – had lunch, was welcomed by the students there and I think I finally started teaching quilting at about 2:00 this afternoon. Now instead of a full day of teaching, I had less than half a day.

The students at the Skills Center have just started their year long program in February – so although they all know how to hand stitch, only one of the group – Mercy – knew how to use the sewing machine. Instead of teaching them quilting skills, I spent most of my time watching as they hand sewed blocks together. By 6:00 when the rest of the team came to pick me up, we had finished one quilt top and I had taught Mercy how to quilt and put binding on.

For some reason my computer is not loading photos tonight. I will post them tomorrow if I can.



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