Kenya – a little late, but well worth it

Just like every other time I’ve been on a missions trip, expectations have to be set down at the door. We have had two long and glorious days in Kenya, but certain expectations had to be set down. Electricity is one of them – and internet service is another.

Since I do not know how many minutes I have of internet service, let me give you a very quick recap of the last two days.

Arrived in Nairobi Friday night with seven team members, fourteen carry on bags and 18 checked bags. We looked like we were moving in! Thankfully, we were able to move through customs by just paying one $50 fee for all that we were bringing in. We were finally able to go to bed at about 1 in the morning.

Saturday: We went to the Brydges Center (BC) for the day. The kids there hosted a Game Day in which each of our team was the honorary captain of a team of kids named after an African animal. The kids competed in several games, ending with a challenge to create a skit or performance exemplifying a part of the day or a given Bible verse. Sadly, I realized about halfway through the day that the battery on my camera was about gone, so I have very few pictures of the day. Others on the team took lots, though. I hope to get a few of them for myself.

After all the games were played, we presented the BC with many gifts, including 10 computers for them to open a computer lab with. The cheering of the kids was amazing when they realized that they would be able to learn computer skills.

The director of the BC, Rosemary Wafulu, was not able to be present for Game Day due to health issues. After we finished at the center, we joined Rosemary at her home, which is also the guest house for the center. It was so wonderful to meet her and hear her heart for this ministry. She started out by rescuing babies from the gutters in the slums. Now she runs the most respected children’s home in Kenya. She started with 25 kids and now has 110+ kids! She has added a school and a skills center to her ministry and she is graduating kids out into productive Kenyan lives.

Sunday: After staying the night with Rosemary, we left to attend church with John Sulai and to teach and see his ministry. Regrettably, this plan was foiled by the president’s wife. She was hosting a marathon today which caused certain roads to be closed. We thought we would be able to make it to a bypass which would then take us an alternate route to John’s church. Wrong. We were on a 3-hour detour that made us so late we decided to change our plans and not go at all.

Instead, we ended up getting some market shopping in. After about two hours of shopping I got the best find: a teak wood bas relief carving of an African Jesus welcoming the little children to him. It is absolutely beautiful!!

This evening, we enjoyed a marvelous dinner with Dennis and Irene Tongoi. They each lead separate ministries – Dennis is very active in lobbying for policy change to help the poor. Irene runs New Dawn School, a high school for about 125 students in one of the slums of Nairobi. She has also recently begun a new program, New Dawn Abstinency Program, which is structured in small groups with a mentor. This program has about 400 teens involved, both boys and girls. It was amazing to hear their hearts for what is happening here.

That’s all for now – I haven’t had a shower for two days, but it feels more like twenty. And I’m never guaranteed how long the internet will be on. I’ll blog again the next time the internet is available – and hopefully I’ll add some pictures next time.



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