Crazy last minute projects

As posted last time, our packing day was on Saturday. Fantastic time of going over the team’s itinerary, making sure we are all understanding what we will be doing and then of course – packing all the things we are taking to bless the Brydges Center, and so many more, with.

To be expected, we discovered a few last minute things that still needed to be dealt with. Lynette wants to bless the kids at the Brydges Center (BC from now on) with little caddies that can be attached to their bunks. You see, each child has their own bed with a metal trunk to put their things in which is stored under the bunk beds. But the kids don’t really have any personal space to keep things in. So, Lynette is getting some sewers together to put together a caddy similar to this:


The ones she is making will tie to the bed frame and hang out from under the mattress. There are so many bright colors and the women are using canvas so they are going to be quite durable. I can’t wait to take pictures of the kids’ faces when they see they will have their own space to put a hairbrush or a little notebook.

Another thing that had been overlooked until Saturday was the BC’s Game Day. While we are there, the kids are going to host a Game Day – nine teams (named after African animals) will be playing games against one another. Each of us on our team will be an “honorary team captain” of a team. It’s our job to cheer our team on and hand out prizes. But we have been wondering how to be able to tell the teams apart. That’s where my crazy sewing skills come in handy. It was now my job to make 150+ headbands to take with us.


Off to JoAnn’s I must go. I found nine different colors of cotton fabric. Starting with 2.5 yards of each, I cut them all into 5″ strips. I just folded the strip in half, sewed it together and then Micah turned them right side out. After pressing them, voila – a perfect sized headband. I had Luke try on the sample – he didn’t want to give it back. Micah tried it on, too, and he also didn’t want to give it back.


As crazy as this project was – making more than 150 headbands in just two days – I’m so glad I did it. I can’t wait to bless the BC with these headbands. They are something they will be able to use for many years.

From our packing party, we all left with a total of 14 bags completely packed and ready to go. Since then, we have added at least two more, maybe three. We will definitely be quite a sight at the airports! One bummer about a blessing: we are thrilled to have the chance to help the BC set up a real computer lab. We are taking 10 laptops and one iPad for the kids at the BC to learn computer skills. As we were packing, we had been told that we would be able to tuck the computers into the middle of the checked bags so that we wouldn’t have to pull them out at every airport security check, as would if they were in our carry-ons. So, happily, we made sure each and every one was well padded and protected and packed them into the fourteen big bags.

Just six of the seventeen bags we will be checking at the airport.

Bummer: we have now been told that if the Lithium battery cannot be removed from the computer, then the computer may not go into checked baggage. Because most of these laptops are quite small, we have to pull them all back out of the big bags and each of us will be carrying one or two computers in our carry on bags. Bummer – but still glad to be blessing the BC in this way.

Last – an update on my ear. For those that don’t know, I have been fighting a cold for about two weeks now. A week ago, my ears were both so plugged up that I went to see the doctor to find out what I could do about it. They were not infected, so she gave me a prescription for Flonase, said I could take Claritin, and hoped for the best. By the later part of the week, my ears were clearing up and I was feeling much better about getting on an airplane.

Then, Saturday afternoon and evening, my ears started to hurt quite a bit. Advil helped for a while, but then even that couldn’t temper the pain. I knew from my repeated battles in childhood that I had quite an ear infection brewing. Saturday night we were all making plans for me to visit urgent care before church in the morning.

After a mostly sleepless night, my eardrum ruptured at 4 am on Sunday. Once the pressure was released, I was finally able to get a couple hours of sleep before getting up. The doctor confirmed my suspicion of ear infection and has me on an antibiotic (as well as the Flonase, Claritin, and whatever else might help).

The good thing is the ear infection is being treated well before my trip starts. And I’m fairly certain that my ear will not be hurting on the airplane. However, the downside is I have virtually no hearing in my right ear and it will take several months for the hole in my eardrum to heal. And I currently have a nonstop high pitched ringing in my right ear. It’s enough to give me a headache sometimes.


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