An invitation

Have you ever been going along in life with everything clicking into place and all of a sudden something comes your way that rocks your world? It’s the most amazing thing – when life is good, and in the blink of an eye it jumps to AMAZING. When God looks into your life and says, “It’s time to bring something to this one’s life that will blow her mind. Let’s see what she does with this…”

Last week, I attended a local children’s ministry conference on Thursday night and Friday all day. I came home filled to the brim with a renewed desire to see some changes happen in children’s ministry at my church. I was ready to sit down and think through how to see these changes begin.

I sat down at my computer to catch up on the emails I had missed from the day and there sits one with this subject heading: “An invitation to teach in Kenya.” I had to back up and re-read that – an invitation to teach in Kenya. Yep, that’s what it really says.

Turns out I have been invited by the Cory Center to be a guest teacher in a children’s/family ministry program at Carlile College in Nairobi, Kenya. The Cory Center is a project of Bethel Seminary that provides resources for children’s ministry workers around the world. The Cory Center sponsors two MA-CFM graduates each year to guest teach in an international setting. I am incredibly honored that I have been invited before graduating.

At this point, I would love to go – but there are many details that need to fall into place in order for me to take this opportunity. But that’s not the point of this blog. I am writing this blog to shout to the world that when God puts a passion in your heart, he will provide opportunities that will blow your mind in order for you to live out your passion.

I have always been interested in missions – but in the past couple years while in this Bethel program, I have become aware of the state of children’s and family ministry around the world. My heart has become broken for the need in the world for trained children’s workers. This is now more than a passing interest. I want to get involved. I need to get involved.

Since God has put this in my heart, I expect that he will provide opportunities for me to do something about it. And He has! I have gone to India this past summer to train children’s ministry workers. The women of India are so hungry for the Word – they soaked in all that I taught them. You see, I didn’t just teach them how to teach a lesson – I taught them how to find children’s ministry in the Bible.

And now God has brought another opportunity to me – this time to Kenya. If you feel led, I would love to have you pray with me as I make the decision to either accept the invitation or defer it until next year. If all the details fit together, I’m Kenya-bound, discovering more and more of what God’s purpose is for me in the future.

And, if you are willing, you may discover that God will rock your world some day. Open your heart up for Him to fill it with His passion for His kingdom. I can promise He will send invitations to you, too. They may not be to teach in Kenya, but whatever His invitation is, it will be used by Him to further His kingdom and it will AMAZE you in the process.


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