Less than a week!

In less than a week, I will be traveling literally around the world! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have the opportunity to take one of my kids to India! And here we are, just five days away from boarding a plane that will take us to an entirely different world.

My thoughts are spinning a whirlwind filled with the many little details that still need to be done – not only have I packed everything? but also where will I find the time to get my last prepping done for the workshops I am leading? And on top of that, can I get some amount of Bethel work done ahead of time?

But more than anything, I want to set all that whirlwind down to emotionally prepare myself for what God has in store. In the midst of the chaos, in the midst of the changes that are bound to happen (for example, we have almost twice the number of women coming as we have been planning for), I want to see God present. I want to slow everything down enough that His presence is noticed.

I hope to see God work in the lives of the women we are there to minister to. Some of them are coming from situations of abuse, neglect, and even worse. I hope to see Debbi and Carrie’s work bring healing to their lives. I hope to see their training sessions light up passions in these women to go back to their homes and help other women heal, too.

I hope that the training sessions I do in children’s ministry bring fruit for many years to come. And I hope that the projects I bring to the sewing centers can bring a source of income to some women and give them all a chance to reach out to the girls and women in their communities to help them with their personal needs.

These are all deeply felt desires for my time in India – but I also hope and pray for some things for myself and for Luke. I hope that Luke sees the world as a different place by the time we get back. I hope that this experience will cause growth and maturity for Luke emotionally and socially. I pray that he will make future decisions differently from this point forward. I hope that he and the missionary’s son will get along well and that they will develop a bond that transcends geography.

I hope that this trip will open doors for myself to continue doing this kind of thing periodically. I hope to discover more likeminded people out there that want to have children’s ministry leadership training brought to all parts of the world. I hope that God uses me to make connections with many other people that have a deep passion for kids.

In less than a week, I set out on an adventure of a lifetime – I cannot wait to see what God has in store!


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