There’s a little Patch in heaven


Two and a half years ago, almost to the day, Simon was finally successful in talking me into getting him a rodent. We welcomed Patch into our lives just at the time when Simon needed a little friend to love, cuddle and care for. His little guinea pig became our sweet little girl.

She quickly learned what the sound of the refrigerator door meant. Every time she heard the frig being opened, she’d squeal her little lungs out hoping it would be time for lettuce or peppers.

She loved personal attention. When we would pet her, she would chuckle and giggle as if to say, “There isn’t anything in the world better than this!” She loved being handled and being out of her cage.

She was always a very nice guinea pig – there was only one time she ever bit anyone, and that was only because Tim couldn’t move his hand away from her. She loved everyone and everyone loved her.

She handled new things quite well – the transition to the new house went perfectly. And even when we got Griffin, the cat, Patch did quite well. She even learned to play with the cat a bit – during bedding changes.



This morning, Simon discovered that there’s a little Patch in heaven now. She will be missed – especially by Simon and me. Thanks, Patch, for helping Simon over the past couple years. Enjoy guinea pig heaven!


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