Another patent

I find it truly amazing how Tim continues to be part of my life. Last week, I received in the mail two forms that needed my signature for 3M to continue the patent process for two more patents.

Yesterday, I received the final copy of another patent that is now published. Along with the patent was a wonderful letter from the Patent Agent at 3M that processes all of the patents from the area of 3M that Tim worked in.

After explaining what this patent was for (chemistry that can produce either a strong, sticky adhesive or a “low energy surface” that sticks to nothing – gotta love that!) this gentleman explained Tim’s role in this patent, which wasn’t even in Tim’s area of expertise. Get this – Tim was asked to guide two younger chemists as they worked on this new research project. The work was done from late 2010 to mid 2011.

Tim’s diagnosis came in Nov 2010 – and yet, in the midst of a huge crisis, Tim “remained a valuable chemist, quick to aid his younger colleagues.” And that really was just like him – to put his own problems aside and continue to help those around him that he could offer himself to.

It is good for me to have little bits of Tim continue to pop up now and again. And when that happens now, my heart is warmed that I shared so many years of my life with this wonderful, generous man.

My sincere desire is that for everyone that has lost someone close to them, they would continue to enjoy tidbits of their special someone long after the deepest grief has subsided.

Tims patent


2 thoughts on “Another patent

  1. I truly enjoyed your sharing of the day when a patent form arrived, and was a reminder of Tim. When little things like that happen, I often wonder if it is just a wonderful reminder of the days that were great, and is this little piece of paper a sign from above that Tim, is watching over you and your children?? Every so often someone will call me asking if this is Bodeker Home Improvement. No—- Bodeker Improvement is not a business anymore! It’s just a little reminder someone remembered something he had done and are calling asking for something. And a reminder to me that he is remembered. I wish you and your children an exciting summer and may it get here soon. This weather is just to much of a hassle for me, I so dislike cold, below zero weather. Susan
    P.S. I am very grateful I do not live in the MPLS. area, the roads were so horrible and we seen many driving problems on icy, snow covered roads. I stayed home!!!!

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