God-given dreams

What do you do when given the opportunity to realize a God-given dream?

Since starting seminary, many people have asked me the obvious question, “What do you plan on doing with your degree when you are done?” The answer to every person has been – I’m not sure, I’m holding my hands open wide to whatever God will bring to me.

But I do have a couple of areas of interest that I have been getting more and more passionate about over the past several years. The first is working with kids in crisis. My heart had been softened toward this ministry area before Tim got sick. Of course, while I was dealing with my own crisis, this ministry area really took a backseat to life. But now, my heart is beginning to beat for kids in crisis again. I have a couple things stewing in my head for ideas and I’m just waiting for the right time to work on them.

The second area of interest I wasn’t even aware of until my first quarter of seminary. Sitting through the introductory class to children’s and family ministry was quite the eye-opener for me regarding children’s and family ministry on a global scope. For years now, I would wring my hands and apologize to my volunteers if our ratios got past 1 leader to 12 kids. In this class, I discovered that internationally speaking a very common ratio is 1 trained leader to 100 kids (or worse)! My heart immediately began to burn to do some international travel to train children’s ministry workers.

In the past week, I have had just a couple conversations that have my head spinning! One was about possibly writing a kids’ curriculum to go along with two adult support groups (one for divorce recovery, one for grief support). The other extending an invitation to go abroad to train children’s workers along with others that will be training women in trauma recovery.

Honestly, I had started to wonder why I am even doing this seminary thing. I am certainly open to being a kids’ pastor, but I also know that it would almost certainly mean changing churches. I am so in love with all the kids at my church, it would tear my heart apart to leave my current ministry context. And now in the span of just a few days, I have a peek into what could be.

As much as I would love to jump in with both feet and shout YES to both of these new opportunities, there are many questions that must be answered first. But, first and foremost, I want to be obedient to what God is calling me to. Please consider praying with me that God’s call would be clear. If these are opportunities from God, I want to – I must – follow where they lead.


One thought on “God-given dreams

  1. I see your mind has been very busy with all the things you might or could do. Somehow you will have an answer/ that is right for you. All are great choices, but the one that did concern me was traveling to teach etc. Not that it isn’t a great thing to do, but your first job is to be a good mom and raise your children and kids need a parent or parents, (if possible). After that huge responsibility is finished travel may be in your future. In the mean time, all the other choice are all needed and good.

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