Nothing is ever simple

The longer I’m around and the more experiences I encounter, the more I realize that nothing is ever simple in my life. The past two years can attest to that!

Now, I was sure I had come to something that would go simply and straightforward. We have moved into our new house and been here about a month. After going back over to the old house and cleaning it up, washing and cleaning, hauling all the trash out, we finally put the for sale sign in the front yard. The house was shown about a dozen times with no real bites, so we lowered the asking price (which was built into the plan). The day we lowered the price, we were immediately given an offer.

Everything going according to plan! The offer is a cash offer, no demands, no home warranty, no house inspection. WOW!! Where do I sign???

Two hours later, my realtor calls to ask me what was going on. Um, excuse me – what are you talking about? Seems that in the three hours since we were given an offer, the bank had sent out their contract service to check on the property to see if it was abandoned. They drilled the front door lock out and put their own in.

I now have a signed valid purchase agreement for a cash offer and can’t get into my own house. It’s a very complicated situation that includes errors on the parts of many different people. Bottom line: get your lock off my door so I can sell this house and pay you your money!!

If you are of the praying sort: please pray that this is resolved in time to meet our closing date of June 25.


One thought on “Nothing is ever simple

  1. Don’t think I quite understand what has happened here. You must have had a realtor who was showing this home and a contract with them, correct??? I am thinking back to when I sold mine.
    What has the bank got to do with putting a new lock on your home, since you still own it??
    Someone better straighten out this mess. June 25 th is not far off. So sorry things get messed up, but we live and learn as we do things in life. Now, not all things are lessons we like at all!!!!!
    I wish you well and someone should be able to help you with this mess, Ihave never heard of this. Susan

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