Witnessing the heart break of our kids

Life has been so good to us over the past couple weeks. We are in our new home, spring has finally sprung and the kids go fishing in our backyard every day. There are just a few short weeks left of school and we will be in full summer mode. You would think all is rosy.

And for the most part, it is. Except for my sweet Simon. The move to the new house has been a move TO friends for Luke and Micah, a move TO their school district. A warmly anticipated move for them.

For Simon, though, this is a move away from the neighborhood where his best friend and he spent literally thousands of hours together – building Legos, adventuring, and just being little boys. This is a move away from his school where he has many friends. He is still finishing out his school year there, but he knows he will be switching to middle school where he will only know a few kids. This has been a move that ends his childhood.

But even with all that, Simon has been doing as well as can be expected. Until this evening. Sometimes, we can only handle so many heart breaks until just a little something breaks us down completely.

Simon was fishing tonight and caught his first Northern. He was SO excited – yelling for me to look and jumping up and down. Just as I got to the window to see it, the Northern snapped his line and took off. Now normally, we would shrug it off and put on a new hook to keep fishing. But this time, all of a sudden, Simon broke down crying, hysterically. This Northern had taken off with the lure that Simon’s best friend had given him. There is just no replacing that lure.

Witnessing the heart break of your child breaks your own heart. There were no words to console him with. The most I could do was wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. It seems so silly, but Simon has already lost so much – and now he has to lose a parting gift from his best friend too. It may have been a small thing, but in his eyes it meant so much.

He is still quite mad at that fish. A few hours after the fish stole the lure, we were talking about “that fish” and I said you’ll have to get back at him by catching him again later this summer. Before I could finish my sentence with “and we’ll eat him,” Simon finished the sentence for me. He has decided that if he catches this fish again, he is going to throw him against a tree! (And then we’ll eat him!)


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