What’s that, looking in my window?

Tonight, the boys and I enjoyed some time together. We decided to watch a movie. All of our electronics are in the basement, off to one side. I set up a table behind the futon in the basement so I could put a puzzle together while watching a movie with the boys. (I really have a hard time just watching a movie, without doing something to keep my hands busy.) We were thoroughly enjoying Journey 2.

Past halfway through the movie, so at about 8:30 or so, we were being watched ourselves! The windows on the side of the house are really more like egress windows – they are up high from inside the house, but at ground level from outside. Just at dusk, two deer came up to the window and were trying to figure out what was going on inside the house. The first doe was really quite curious – she was turning her head this way and that trying to decipher what she was seeing. Then one of us moved just a little too much and she jumped off into the woods.

Pinch me, it really still feels like we are on vacation up north!


One thought on “What’s that, looking in my window?

  1. So much for watching the movie. Apparently you have plenty of wild life in the area. I see nothing about the plumbing problem, I hope it is all fine now, minus a few dollars???

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