God’s Blessings Abound

This is like a dream I never could have imagined would be my life. I am walking among boxes, some still packed, some half-strewn across the floor. And I look up and out the living room window to see the most stunning sunset. I will be looking at the infinite creativity of the Master Artist every night.

And then, the words dry up. I have no words left for how grateful I am. To all the people that have helped me over the past three years. Some have helped by providing care for Tim directly, others have helped me keep my household running. Some provided rides – for Tim, for the boys, for me. Others have offered their professional services to me making sure that I am well cared for in many different ways. And now I can add to the list all those that helped pack up the Maplewood house and those that physically moved all our stuff to Mahtomedi. And I had a surprise this afternoon when a couple moms and daughters unexpectedly stopped by and offered to help unpack for a while. How can I ever start giving back?

I know that not everyone’s tragedy ends this way. I can hardly believe our lives have moved in this direction. But it has been good to see the boys active outside. I have heard them laughing again! I took a short walk this afternoon and met a new neighbor. It was so good to smile all the way home. Micah has been humming along with the radio nonstop for two days now – it is really good to hear him happy. God’s blessings abound – it’s just a matter of looking around and finding them.


One thought on “God’s Blessings Abound

  1. I see no ice on your lake, up here a bit North, we still have ice over much of the lake, I am not sure it will be off by this weekend, but a few warm days will help.
    Happy to hear your new home is such a happy place for all of you. It looks like a place any children would love to live. Trees and water, and space to roam and you mentioned a son happily singing.
    Enjoy your new surroundings and take a bit of time to enjoy those nice walks and the sunrise and sunsets. Now to get all the things you moved into the right places. It takes a bit of time. The basics like beds are easy, it’s the kitchen that seems to take time, and then where do the pictures go???? Enjoy. And may you all find happiness in those pretty surroundings. Susan

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