Back to Quilting

Originally, this blog was created to primarily show pieces of quilting that I was working on and finishing. Ha Ha…

God had another plan! About 4 months after starting Life Stitches, my life’s stitches came apart! And so (sew, lol), I have used this blog in a very different way than I had first thought I would.

But now, I am excited to share a bit about my quilting again. I haven’t done much quilting over the past couple years, but I hope that will change once I’m in my new house. My sewing room there is so beautiful – I hope to be spending a lot of time there.

And to kick it all off –

Last week, a friend took me to Mill End with her, she needed to pick up supplies for a quilt retreat she was going on. I was just along for the ride – or so I intended. UNTIL I started looking at the batiks. Just one caught my eye, then I noticed another one that was similar, then I saw the same one in a different color, then I found the central piece to the set, and on and on it went until I came home with this:


I really have no pattern in mind for these fabrics – so if you are a quilty friend and can think of the perfect pattern – please let me know your thoughts! I am planning for this to be my first creative project in the new sewing room. That should give me the motivation I need to pack up this house and get to the new house! (Unless I go fabric shopping again…)


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