We have decided on our official move day to the new house!!

The first Saturday of May is as good as any to make our move. So, it’s on our calendar and we have 5 weeks left in our Maplewood house before we embark on our new adventures in the Mahtomedi house.

If anyone local has a couple hours they are willing to help me pack and get ready to move, I’d love to have the extra hands!!

Of course, I’ll need lots of help on May 4 to move everything as well.

And after we have moved, I’d appreciate additional help cleaning the Maplewood house and getting it ready to sell.

If any of those options sound appealing to you, please call, email, text, fb me and we’ll set up a time to work together!


One thought on “MOVE DAY – MAY 4

  1. Happy Moving DAY!!!! What a job you have ahead of you. Been there done that and the longer you live in one home, the more stuff one has to deal with. Good luck with the big move.

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