Just for you…

“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

Though there is much I would love to announce to the world about my walk-through of the new house on Wednesday night, I want to be very careful to preserve the privacy of the couple we purchased our home from, but there is one little story that I must share. If they ever happen to bump into this blog, I hope that they will be honored that I have shared this with my faithful readers. My intention certainly is honorable.

After walking through the whole house, the realtor and I were slowly heading toward the door for home. The wife and I were chatting just in general about how we felt about our transaction. In all the previous times I had viewed the house, I had not seen any indication that this couple is a church-going couple, or religious in any way, really. So her words were all the more special to me, because I truly believe that God uses ALL people, regardless of their beliefs, to fulfill His purposes.

She was telling me how they had always wanted to buy a house “project” but they didn’t know if they would do the project and then live in the house or sell it. Well, it turns out that the economy helped them decide that they needed to sell it. Then she said that as they heard more about us and our story, she felt that they had done this project just for us – that it was meant to be this way. The more we talked, the more she could see that our family was the perfect choice for this house.

If that isn’t enough to catch your attention – here’s the part that they didn’t even know: I am a sunset girl. Anytime I see a particularly interesting or beautiful sunset, I stop what I’m doing just to praise God for the beauty he blessed me with at that moment. When this couple put in the new dock, they built a bench at the end. They specifically angled the bench to point perfectly across the most panoramic view of the lake … facing the sunset. It truly was like God saying to me, “This house is My blessing for your family, and here’s one little thing that is just for you.” I am looking forward to many moments of praise to the Creator for his never-ending joy in creating unique sunsets.


2 thoughts on “Just for you…

  1. What a wonderful story! I actually have been appreciating afresh this year, that the beauty in the natural world around was created intentionally for us to find beautiful and delight in – God knew we would find it beautiful and it is a reminder that He loves us. I feel like I’m looking at the world with new eyes. What a precious gift He has given you!

  2. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you and the boys many happy, beautiful sunsets together in your new home!!

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