I think I am at a crossroads – far sooner than I would like to be.

I would like to continue taking the boys to counseling – for at least another two – three months. However, my helpers – the drivers – must have other things going on. I am so thankful for all the time that others have contributed to helping us get to the counselors office over the past year.

I just wish I could still get there for another month or two.

If you are in the Maplewood area, would you please consider helping us get to our counseling appointments – they are always on Tuesday and Friday afternooons. I have all the appointments on the care calendar site – if you could check your calendar to see if you’re available, we sure would appreciate your continued help.

And, if you have this afternoon open, we are still hoping to get there today at 4:00.



One thought on “counseling?

  1. When you move to your new home, is there bus service to get you about town?? I do hope so, until your boys are big enough to drive. Do you have a car in your garage that your friends could use to take you about?? As good and great as your friends have been, it always seems that when the big crisis is over, some of those who were so helpful sort of drift away. It is sad but true, and that is why I asked if there is bus service to get you to needed places. We have bus service here called, Rainbow Rider and lots of Senior Citizens use it to go to places they need. This morning when I went to the clinic a van pulled up called the People’s Express and it was bringing a patient to the clinic for an appointment.
    I am sure there are days when you wish you were able to drive , but I understand your medical condition and above all you do not want to endanger your life or your family or anyone for that matter. I have a relative who is free of his seizures and can drive, but for a long time could not. He would get a short amount of time, feeling he was going to go into a seizure but it would not have been enough time to have been safe to stop a car in time.
    I am sure you have thought about all these things long before I mentioned them to you, and I wish you well as you learn to become a single person again. I was much older when I
    lost my husband. There are times when i miss having someone to just go for a drive, or to a book store. Yes, I can do it on my own, but you miss those things you once had. I believe all yyour siblings are everywhere but near by. I am glad you have children to make you life busy and interesting. As they grow up, you will appreciate them even more. Love is a diffent
    thing. it is part of it, but there is so much that goes into “Love’, as you well know. Susan

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