Either things are getting back to normal or I am completely losing it. Are spoons really that important?? It’s the little things –

I have a house with three boys in a neighborhood filled with boys. I have a sandbox in my backyard. I guess it’s obvious – the spoons we eat with must fulfill a greater destiny. These are ordinary spoons for the table – that we eat with (have I said that already?). But in the eyes of the boys, they are no ordinary spoons after all. They are the tools to use to dig a hole big enough to bury a basketball, tablespoonful by tablespoonful.

Well, the boys have gone through at least 10 of our spoons. I have bought replacements; they too disappear. They are now using toddler spoons to eat their cereal with – 4 Trix per bite. Doesn’t seem to phase them at all.

I think the part that drives me the craziest is that no one will fess up – all three are stonewalling me to the bitter end. Nobody did it. Nobody knows where they are or where we could begin looking. Really?? We are missing a dozen spoons and they have NO IDEAS where they might be????

So, why am I the only one bothered by this? Am I getting back to normal, where little things like this become big deals? Or am I still so off that I’m letting a little thing like this drive me crazy?

Well, I really have no desire to go buy another set of spoons that will promptly disappear again. So if anyone has any extra mismatched spoons that they would like to get rid of, I’d be glad to take them off your hands – I’ll help you de-clutter your kitchen drawer and you’ll help us be able to eat cereal again.


2 thoughts on “Spoons

  1. Although the idea of your boys eating “4 Trix per bite” with a toddler spoon makes me laugh, the idea of YOU having to eat with a toddler spoon makes me wince in sympathy. 😦

  2. Just an idea, but I know kitchen utensils are so easy to borrow ,to play with, (been there, done that). I suggest come spring time or sooner, you go to Wal-Mart or something similiar and buy those sons of yours the big spoons that come in the beach set. I suppose they are made of plastic now, but when I was raising my kids they were metal and wonderful to play in a sandbox, or take to the beach. As my wonderful cousin always says,”Oh, this to, shall pass.” You are a normal mom, finding that no one ever knew there was a spoon that was removed out of the drawer. At my house, no one, and I do mean NO ONE, ever knew how anything ended up missing or broken. It finally became a case of “the fairies must have done it.”They still remember. Years from now, it won’t seem so frustrating, but at this time, it is!!!!!

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