The daily grind

Life is starting to settle down for us. The boys are going to school every day, unless they actually get sick (which Simon did on Tuesday). They aren’t too happy that they never get to stay home anymore, but it has been good for them to see that we are working on getting into a normal grind of life again.

Another part of the normal grind of life includes daily homework time. We have really never forced this issue because before Tim got sick we homeschooled. Now, all three are in public school and the older two especially need to have structured homework/study time. There is much resistance right now, but each day that I reinforce this for them, they see a little more how important it is to work at home for success at school.

My daily grind is about to get much closer to normal. The last of the meals from friends at church came tonight. I have been very grateful for all the meals that have come to us. But, honestly, I am also looking forward to having that responsibility back. It will require that I plan meals and set aside time to prepare and cook meals again. But it also means that we are truly on our own and living a “normal” life.

My daily schedule is always a little nutsy, but it’s nice to know that the things on my to-do list are pretty run-of-the-mill now – my schoolwork, pay the bills, make dentist appointment, sign permission slips for the boys, etc. My life has been lived on the extreme for so long now that I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my life has slipped back down into the normal daily grind again.


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