Little bits at a time

It is good to get a predictable schedule back into our lives. The boys have been back in school now since last Wednesday. Other than they are all still battling the crud, I think we are starting to feel like there are things we can rely on again.

I will not say that we have a feeling on normal yet. We don’t. But as we continue to put little bits at a time back into place, we are starting to feel out what our lives will be like now.

Yesterday, I was able to do a bit of shopping with a friend while the boys were in school. There was no time constraint on me getting home before the morning PCA’s shift was over. It was a wonderful day of being with an old friend and just catching up.

We are also in the process of establishing homework hour. Though it is still rough at times, I see progress being made. I think as the days turn into weeks and the kids see that I am now truly *available* for help, this will become easier and easier. I can already see a difference with Luke.

Last night, I had the huge pleasure of going to the Rockpoint Childen’s Ministry Team meeting. I was just so happy to be there! We hadn’t met in December (I wouldn’t have gone anyway), and for the last several meetings before that, I was only half-there. Last night, it felt so good to wholly be there. Thank you, ladies, for giving me grace over the past several months. It feels so good to be back!

Simon has been having a hard time sleeping lately. Really tired = really cranky. Time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. He will be sleeping with me for the next few nights to ensure that he is really sleeping all night. Last night, his head hit the pillow and he was sound asleep almost instantly. A few more nights like that should take care of the problem.

Today’s list of things to get done is not necessarily long, but everything on the list must get done. So I’m off to read a couple chapters for school, write a reflection for school and get ready for Sparks tonight. Again, more things that are starting to feel like a regular life is on the horizon.


One thought on “Little bits at a time

  1. A new normal will soon be the normal in your household. Someone told me that it is like an amputation. You remember what it was like to have the missing limb, you remember what it felt like and how it was a part of your life. When that limb is taken away, you still remember, but you learn to adjust and live without it, missing it very much for a long time, but we adjust because we have to in order to survive. Eventually the memories are sweeter and life is good again.

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