Christmas vacation

This is the first time our family has ever done something this crazy!! We are off to Wisconsin Dells to the Great Wolf Lodge for a week. I am so thankful I listened to a friend’s wise counsel several months ago about this. I think we all need this getaway.

The boys are all very excited to do something like this. We will spend a whole week just playing in the waterparks and other fun attractions in the Dells. We will spend an afternoon and evening with Tim’s family, as they live just a little ways from the Dells. And when we come home we will have a whole nother round of gifts to open.

For me, the little gap that I have noticed last week is becoming a larger hole in my heart where Tim had been. It will be good to be busy for a week with the boys having fun over Christmas. Without it, I think I would become quite unbearable to be around.

When we get back, we will have a few days at home together before they all head to school. I think that’s when we will all really begin to notice Tim’s absence, me for sure. I will be home by myself all day.

I have spent time over the past few days talking with several people that will also be having hard Christmases. To anyone that finds themselves not that thrilled for Christmas, I offer a listening ear. This is not the first hard Christmas we have had – in fact, it’s the third one in a row. I understand what it is to not really care about all the hoopla that goes into this holiday. I get what it means to sit down and cry in your hands instead of Christmas shopping or decorating your house or making cookies or attending parties. If you need a listening ear – please know that I will make myself available to you.

For those of you that are in the midst of a wonderfully celebrative season, please remember there are many within your sphere of influence that are not in the festive mood. Take time to notice who they may be and – if you find one, or two, or many – give a phone call or deliver some of those yummy cookies you made and take some time to sit with them to listen – really listen – to what’s happening in their lives. It may surprise you that you have just been a light in their dimmed holiday season.

I consider myself enormously blessed to have many people that take time out of their own busy Christmas schedules to check in on me and the boys, to bless us with a meal, to make sure our Christmas tree has gifts under it, to just call and say they are praying for us. But, my heart goes out to all the others out there that are still waiting for someone to do that for them.  You really can make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Christmas vacation

  1. Amen Barb! You are right on. The first holiday we are usually remembered, but everyone goes back to their lives and our grieving goes on. Fifteen years later and some are good and some not so good and some still awful. The advice you got to get away is perfect. I remember being told that anything I chose to do would be OK and to not let anyone tell me different. There was one Thanksgiving when we went out of town, climbed into our jammies, pulled the covers up and watched movies until we fell asleep…letting that holiday go by without any celebration. Having children at home puts a different slant on the “getting away” part, but you made a great choice for the boys! Fun for them and not being home for you. The times I can think of something special to remember Adam are the most special holidays. I do understand where you are, not in the grief of having a husband die, but the deep down forever in your heart missing them part. You are loved and you are being remembered…every day. Be gentle to yourself. love you, Linda

  2. A little crazy is good sometimes. Have a blessed time with the boys and I look forward to a morning time trip to Caribou or Panera with you when you get back. We both need to keep a little sunshine in each other’s lives. 🙂 Blessings and peace surround you friend.

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