Portraits of Volunteers

As much as we depend on our paid PCA’s, we depend just as much on a whole troop of volunteers. They do everything from cleaning my toilets to doing range of motion stretching with Tim to playing chauffeur for us. Here are my portraits of our volunteers:

Tim – a prosthetist/orthotist that stretches with Tim and also makes widgets for us to help Tim feel more comfortable as his body continues to get thinner.

Kevin and Kari – A couple that is deeply devoted to serving others. They have helped us get to church for a long time now, as well as many other places. Kari has also put countless hours into planning our benefit event and Kevin has done her running for her.

Shereen – It’s fun to have friends from our homeschooling days helping us. Shereen drives for our car pool once a week.

Andrew – a physical therapist that comes and stretches with Tim. It’s fun watching someone taller than Tim working with him.

Annah – a college student that volunteers through the ALS Association. She comes and works harder than most others her age cleaning my bathrooms, sweeping my floors, and whatever else I have going on at the moment. She has helped me switch seasonal clothes several times now and has helped paint several rooms of the house.

Stephanie and Christine – They didn’t really know each other much before working together here, but now they are so fun to watch as they work with Tim with his stretching. They are an awesome team.

Kyle – We are just getting to know Kyle as he takes the boys to school two mornings a week.

Patti – We’ve known Patti from a long time ago and it’s fun to have her bouncy little self come in to stretch Tim’s long legs. She’s not been feeling well lately, so I hope she’s better soon.

Steve & Britta – This couple is becoming more and more dear to me as I spend weekly time with Britta praying together and they spend time with Luke and Micah in the car several times every other week in car pool.

Cari – Friday night date night! Next week, we’re showing The Princess Bride while Cari stretches Tim. Hope she brings the popcorn!

Kurt – Tim has known Kurt many years as they worked together at 3M for a long time. Now, he comes and does stretching with Tim. He has taken Tim out for car rides as well. I see a sweet brotherhood between the two of them that is founded on a true friendship.

Karen, Nancy, Sue, and Shelley – Each of these wonderful women helps to get my older boys to or from school on a weekly basis. Without them, I’m not sure what I would have done.

Michael & Heidi – Heidi is an RN and Michael, her husband, has come alongside and learned how to do Tim’s stretching as well. They work with Tim on Sunday mornings. Michael also set up a time to take Tim and the boys to Cabela’s a while ago. Talk about going above and beyond!

Judy – Judy is our newest volunteer, as she is from the hospice program we are using. She has rigged up a way for Tim to play cribbage. It is so fun to watch him crush her game after game. He smiles so much when they are playing!

Sarah – Sarah is a massage therapist that stretches with Tim on Sunday mornings. I love how she has always pushed Tim to keep on keeping on. The side benefit to Sarah is I get a monthly massage!

Elaine – My absolute very favorite Aussie! Elaine and I have been praying together for about a year now. She has become a sweet sister in Christ.

Mike – This is the second year of school year programming that Mike has committed to getting the boys and me to church on Wednesday nights. Because of Mike’s help, I have been able to continue working with the Sparks program at church.

Barbara – Barbara not only comes in and stretches with Tim, she also organizes that group of volunteers onto a monthly schedule. Best thing with Barbara – there is a Dairy Queen between her house and ours that she makes regular stops at!

Greg & Chrissy – This couple has made it possible for us to continue attending church. They are also helping with car pool for Luke and Micah. They both have hearts of gold that just keep on giving. Chrissy has a deep passion for making sure our benefit event is a great success.

Cary – Cary has dedicated many Tuesday afternoons to being our driver – first for counseling sessions and now for bringing the older boys home from school.

I know there are more people that could be named – people that helped us in the past and for whatever reason have had to stop (Scott, Valerie, Chris, Luann, and others). People that sign up for things periodically as their schedules allow (Wendy, Jim & Sandy, and others). People that help us just once in a while when I call very last minute (Julie, Jolyn, Karine, and others). We appreciate each and every one that has helped and is currently helping. We have been so incredibly blessed to have loving and serving people around us to help us with so many needs.

Thank you to you all.


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