Rough night for Tim

It was good to have Tim come home last night from The Pillars. He was definitely ready to be home. The Pillars wasn’t the grand vacation we thought it would be for him. You would think he would have been really tired and ready for a good night’s sleep.


He called me down 7 – yes, seven – times last night. It was 4:30 this morning before we finally bedded down for real. He was hot, he was sweaty, he was itchy, he was hot, he was itchy, he was hot. I gave him a partial bed-bath at 3:30 in the morning. Then, I still needed to come down one more time after that.

Morning came too soon for me – but even sooner for Tim. The PCA arrived at 7 to get Tim out of bed. I got to sleep until 9. Thankfully, Tim was able to nap throughout the day. I even caught a quick nap myself this afternoon.

Tonight, Tim will get a great shower tonight and go to bed clean and tired. I’m really praying that tonight will be a no-call night so that I can get up early with the boys for the first day of school tomorrow.


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