The Pillars respite

On Wednesday afternoon, we took Tim to The Pillars respite facility for a five-night stay. This was designed to be a time for Tim to get a mini-vacation of his own while the boys and I had a chance just before school starts to have a few quiet days at home.

The first issue we had to tackle was that The Pillars doesn’t allow any motorized wheelchairs. Previous incidents have caused them to make this blanket policy. So they had to order a tilting wheelchair for Tim. Tim was definitely very apprehensive about this. We decided to go ahead anyway and give it a try.

Simon helped to get Tim settled in on Wednesday, then promptly went on another vacation with his best friend to Craigen’s Resort. He won’t be back until Monday evening. So much for his couple quiet days at home!

Yesterday, Luke, Micah and I went over to visit Tim with a friend. He had taken a shower a few hours before we got there and chose to be put in bed after his shower. They did nothing to prop his legs up, so his legs were really hurting when we got there. We got him into their wheelchair and our friend, Barb, started stretching his legs and arms. By the time we left, he was feeling much better.

But I left with very mixed feelings. I could see that Tim wanted to come home with us right then and there. We have decided he will come home a day early, but I sit at home now just thinking about how lonely he is and how much he would rather be at home. It has not turned out to be as relaxing for me or Tim as intended.

Honestly, I was using this five day respite as a gauge to see how everyone would react to having Tim in a respite facility. It was to be a litmus test on the question of moving Tim there as he continues to face this disease. The answer has presented itself. Though we have adjusted fairly well at home, I don’t think it is working very well for Tim. Some part of me had been hoping to lessen the stress in our home, but I don’t think that is actually going to happen.

So, instead, please continue to pray that as our school year starts, we would be able to balance all the circumstances happening in our home. We have many individual stresses happening, and when put all together, our home is stressed to the point of explosion. Pray that God will unite us all as we face our fall together. Pray that we would learn a new level of love and patience for one another.


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