New School this fall

We have received the official approval letter for Luke to go to Mahtomedi High School this fall. Thank you Lord!!

On the same day, we received Luke’s grades from Crosswinds. I am not about to judge the effectiveness of this school based only on Luke’s grades. But I will say, this is no longer the right school for Luke. He put very little effort into his fourth quarter, and yet his grades are far better than what I would have given him. I am very relieved that Luke will be able to attend a better school this fall.

Next week, Luke and I will be attending a meeting to help assess what his placements should be. The wonderful thing about this school is that the middle school and high school share a parking lot, so the kids can bridge 8th and 9th grade classes at the same time if that is what is best for the student. I really have no idea how things will shake out on Thursday, but I am leaving it in God’s hands.

The most important thing right now is to get a car pool in place for the boys. I’m hoping to gain access to the Ride Share bulletin board on the Transportation Services website soon. Other than that, I continually talk to my Best Friend about it. He will come up with a plan pretty soon. If you know my Best Friend, maybe you could talk to Him about it, too?



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