Today’s news

So much is happening every day in our house now; I think it’s time to start a day by day (OK, every few days) update on how things are and what is happening here. It’s the only way I can think of to keep our prayer warriors current on how to pray for us.

Currently: Tim is now on hospice. We signed that paperwork last Friday. We have met the nurse, social worker, and chaplain assigned to Tim. All of them are so nice. Jill, the nurse, will be coming here once a week (more if we’d like her to) to check on Tim’s vitals and make sure he’s comfortable. She is a great go-to person if Tim starts feeling any pain or starts feeling short of breath. She will help us solve any problems we may run into.  Norm is the chaplain. He came here on Wednesday to meet us. He is such a calm sweet person. I hope that Tim enjoys his company and is willing to talk with him.

Pray that this new influx of people is worth it. Last Friday, I counted 13 non-Filiatrault’s that came through our house. Saturday, it was 11. The revolving front door is getting really old. As much as we need this help, and appreciate it greatly, I am longing for a day where no one comes over – just to have some privacy again.

I have submitted an application for open enrollment for Luke to attend Mahtomedi Public Schools (that’s where Micah currently attends). There seems to be a chance of that happening, due to sibling preference. I will find out either tomorrow or by the end of next week. After much thought, we are looking at having Luke enter Mahtomedi as an 8th grader rather than a 9th grader. There are many advantages to this – and even Luke can see the wisdom in this.

Pray that his application will be approved. Also – I have contacted our carpool from last year and she is asking that we find other arrangements. This puts a large kink in our plans. Please pray that either she will change her mind or that some other solution will present itself. It’s hard to believe, but school starts in just a month. I really didn’t want to spend the next four weeks scrambling for a carpool arrangement. But I know that if God provides for Luke to attend this school, He will most certainly also supply a way to get him there every day.

This week, each of the boys is discussing end of life stuff with their counselors. Questions like: What do you envision the end of Dad’s life will be like? Will he be at home or at a hospital/hospice? Do you want to be near Dad when he takes his last breath or do you want to be somewhere else? We have already had Simon’s counseling appointment. We only really talked about the first two questions with Simon. Micah and Luke have their appointment tomorrow. I would appreciate prayer for them as we explore these questions with them.

Just a quick personal prayer request too: I have caught Micah’s cold. Summer colds stink. Pray that I would get good sleep at night to be able to get accomplished what needs to be done during the day. Thanks for the prayers.


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