A Day in the Life of…

So far today:

Woke up at 6:00, rolled over and went back to bed. Woke up for real at 8:00 to silence. Highly unusual in this house! Went downstairs to discover that Tim’s PCA didn’t come at 7. Called the home health care office to find out what our situation is now. They called a taxi to have someone else come. She arrived a little after 9:00.

In the meantime, Luke needed to get up and get ready for school. That in and of itself is a battle worthy of a nap on its own. Got him out.

My prayer partner arrived at 9:00. It was good to start the day right with her. There is much happening right now that is good to bring before the Lord. It was a pause in a very busy morning that felt good.

Hospice arrived at 10:00. They were here for a little over an hour going over where things are at and how we should proceed. I signed all the paperwork and now Tim is officially on hospice.

After they left, a couple guys from church arrived to do some manly work here. I needed a bunch of stuff hauled out of the house to the curb and I needed three blinds replaced. It is good to have people that can come help me in that way.

As they were leaving, the boys asked if they could go to McDonald’s for lunch – by themselves. It’s amazing that they are old enough to do this! The perk: they will be bringing a Big Mac home for me!

I’m ready to go back to bed now. Only this afternoon, I need to do some housework. Every horizontal surface I look at is covered by stuff. Ugh.



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