Summer goals

Half of June has slipped away already. I nvever understood as a child why my parents would gripe and complain about how quickly time gets passed you. Now, I completely understand and wonder what my kids think of my own gripes and complaints. LOL

I have a few summer goals – the biggest one of which is to go through and purge the house of unnecessary items. We have lived in this house for almost 9 years now and with 5 of us here, it’s appalling how much STUFF is packed in here now! Time to donate to Goodwill, post on Craig’s List, freecycle and whatever else is will take to get the extra stuff out of here. If anyone local wants to help me purge, just say the word!

We will also be going back and forth to Lake Beauty 8 times this summer. One trip down, next one on Friday to pick Luke back up from his camp. I’ve been praying that he would have a fun time while away, but also a spiritual encounter with God. From the postings on Facebook, it sounds like Lake Beauty has been having a pretty big impact on this group  of kids. May Luke be one of them!

I have slipped back into the escape of watching Star Trek – but last night I finished the last of the series I was watching and I am determined to not start watching any other series in such a detrimental way. I really need to be re-engaged and at the top of my game for the rest of the summer. I need to be ready come fall, for the kids to be back in school, for me to start school, and for everything else that will be happening in our family.

At his counseling session on Tuesday, Simon was offered the chance to know a little more about what will be happening and when. He declined the offer. He said it would bring more sadness in his life and he’d rather not know. So we gave a slight course correction while stilll respecting his wishes. I think Dr. Carol did a great job in helping us navigate these waters with Simon. He knows that he is welcome to ask for more information whenever he feels he needs to, yet if he doesn’t want to know, that’s OK, too.

Over the summer, the boys and I will be working on projects to help us sum up our feelings to share with Tim. These projects will inevitably end up on display at Tim’s funeral as well. I’m glad to have someone thinking of these things for me. The counselors at Maplewood Psychology have been a critical piece of this journey, for both myself and the boys.

Well, off to work on laundry, house pickup, and maybe the first closet purge. We’ll see how the day goes.


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