Good news! Good news!

After the horrendous week I had last week, things can only get better, right? Well, I think God took me seriously when I said I couldn’t handle another week like last week. This week has started in a much more calm fashion and today in particular has been full of good news!

I’ll start by thanking God for providing me with the in-laws that I have. Tim’s mom has been through much over the past several years and this journey has been particularly difficult for her. I hold her up in prayer often as I realize her journey is no easier than ours. I thank God for her now though, because she has stepped up and offered to pay for PCA care for Tim out of pocket. It is a huge sacrifice on her part and I am humbled by her offer. We truly are grateful for Tim’s parents and wish they could be closer to us.

This week, I decided I would get a bunch of backlogged stuff taken care of – so I have calls in to many different places to get information, to finish projects that were started long ago, and to move ahead on new projects. I’m still waiting to hear back from some places, but the news I’ve received in just the last 24 hours has all been quite encouraging!

* Short Term to Long Term Disability – I talked with 3M’s disability people today. One thing that has been making me more and more nervous is that I had been told a long time ago that when we switch from short term to long term disability, Tim would switch to Medicare and the boys and I would be uninsured. When I talked to Alice today (sweet old woman, to be sure!), she explained what will really happen: Tim’s benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, 401k) will continue with full coverage – with NO premiums! The boys and I can continue our coverage as long as we continue paying the dependent portion of what our premiums have been for the past year. I don’t know exactly how much that will be, but it’s a sure thing that it will be a  LOT less than us buying a COBRA!

* In that same conversation, I found out that Tim’s salary is actually a little larger than what we thought it was. He actually got a raise! This will really be helpful later on when things are based on percentages of his income and multiples of his income.

* Medical Assistance – I have been haggling quite a bit with Medical Assistance since Friday. Today, I got the call that says we are pending approval! I just need to send in the check for the first month’s premium and they will approve Tim’s application!! We will pay a monthly premium and receive access to daily PCA care. We still need to have a public health nurse come out and assess how many units of care Tim will be eligible for, but the process is finally going in the right direction!

I know there’s one more thing I wanted to let everyone praise God with me for and I can’t think of it at all right now! When I do, I’ll be sure to pass the praises on. Today has been a wonderful day!


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