Tuesday morning need

I have been attending a women’s Bible study for the first time this year since I started homeschooling. Wow – that’s a long time ago when I stop to think about it.

I have had the fortune of a college-age young man coming in on Tuesday mornings and sitting with Tim during January and February so that I have still been able to attend even after Tim stopped working. Unfortunately, his schedule has changed and he will no longer be able to be here with Tim on Tuesdays. We do have a homeschooling family that has commited to helping once a month. I need help with the other three weeks of the month.

I am looking for people that can come in on Tuesdays from 9:15 – about 12:15 to be with him. Duties include chatting with Tim, watching TV/movies, possibly emptying his urine leg bag, and preparing and feeding him lunch. Tim also enjoys just reading, so if you have your own projects, you could bring them to work on while Tim reads. There are occasional Tuesdays when I may want to join the ladies for lunch out. On those weeks, I would not get home until 1:15/1:30, but I will always be able to plan that in advance.

If you are able to help, please go to the Care Calendar to sign yourself up. The sign in information is in the sidebar to the right. If you know of someone else that would be really good at this and available, please forward this on to them or let me know who they are. I’m certainly willing to approach people myself if I need to. I sure would appreciate being able to continue this Bible study. I have forgotten how life-giving it is to be part of a small group of women that are looking into God’s word together.


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