Bethel Seminary

It’s official – I made the call. I have expressed my intent to Bethel Seminary that I will be starting my master’s program this fall. It has taken a long time to get to this place and I still have a long way to go – all the financial forms will need to be filled out again and processed for financial aid.

But, this time, I am quite serious and quite excited to be starting. There doesn’t seem to be the self-questioning that I went through a year ago. And of course, it was a really good thing I deferred my program for a year looking back on what I was going through in the fall. There is just no way I could have added school onto my own health problems.

Now, though, I feel so much healthier. And I am even hopeful that my seizures will be gone by fall as well. I am going through the major transitions involved in that process now, so it should all be settled down by fall (I hope!).

The medical assistance application will be completely processed and we will have PCA’s in place so I will have daily help with caring for Tim, allowing me a bit more margin to do my studies.

I am feeling so many stirrings in my heart for what God has in store for me and for our family in the coming days and years. I don’t have the same impression that I had a year ago that I will eventually be a children’s pastor of a church. The horizons seem to have opened to many different ideas. I guess it’s more that I have opened my heart to whatever God’s will may be.

Please continue to pray for wisdom as I continue to make decisions about all of this. And for the energy and excitement I will need to make it through a 3+ year program.



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