Big answers to little prayers

My best friend and I marvel together, often, about how God answers our prayers. Not that he answers them, we have lived through too many tough times together to ever doubt that God will hear and answer our prayers. No, we marvel together at how he answers them. So many times, He will give us such creative and amazing answers that there is nothing we can do BUT attribute the solution to Almighty God. And then, we quick call each other and marvel over Him once again.

I thought I would let a broader base of people marvel at a couple of His latest solutions for problems we have had to face – one seemingly small, one big, yet both of equal concern to Him – as is obvious by His solutions!

The first one is something small – at least small in the eyes of most adults, but huge in the eyes of one 11-year old that lives in our house. Micah has been invited to a birthday sleepover this coming Friday. This is a BIG deal for him, as Ben is one of his closest friends. Problem: we have a family counseling session scheduled for Friday at 6 pm. The sleepover is supposed to start at 5:00 with supper at 6:00. My solution was going over like a lead balloon – arriving at 7:15 just wasn’t cutting it! God’s solution is so much better!

Last Friday, when we were at the counselor’s office, I checked the schedule to see if just by chance, we would be able to change the time of the appointment. This is so highly unlikely that I almost didn’t bother. Almost. Our family counselor is always booked out two months – so the likelihood of anything opening up just a week out was negligible at best. Isn’t is just like God to make the unlikely happen for us? We looked and the 4:00 appointment was wide open!!

Now here’s where it is so intricate it could only be God. We would usually never be able to do family counseling at 4:00 because Luke doesn’t get home from school until 4:45 – that’s why our appointment was originally at 6:00 to begin with. It just so happens that Luke’s second quarter ends today and he has the rest of this week off. Next week, he will be in Intersession, so will be coming home at his normal 4:45 again. So this week is the only week that he is able to do a 4:00 counseling time. Don’t ever tell me God isn’t aware of all the details of your life. He most certainly is!

The other answer to our prayers would seem to be a bigger deal – but to God it is equal to Micah’s dilemma. My quilt retreat is coming up on March 16. I know that this time around, it would be unfair to ask any of our friends to volunteer to do PCA care with Tim while I am gone. So I began in December the process of applying for Medical Assistance so that we can have paid PCA workers come in to care for Tim. Our first application was denied.

I am now in the process of applying a second time. This time I am also beginning an application for Social Security Disability. I have spent many hours on the phone, filling out paper and online applications, and making copies of all the proofs needed to go along with the applications. Yesterday, I was told Social Security could take 3-4 months to decide if Tim will receive certified disabled status. (I think  it should take less than 3 minutes!)

So here’s my dilemma: Quilt retreat is one month away, but there is very little chance that we will have all the programs in place in time for us to access them. That means we will have to pay for 24/7 care for Tim while I’m at retreat. That’s a lot of money! But, again, God is aware of all the details.

Micah’s birthday is March 15 – the day before retreat. I spoke with my mother-in-law yesterday and it turns out that they are planning to come here for his birthday! I am so excited to have them come again. They are not able to come often, so when they come it is a good time visiting and a very important time for Tim to spend with his Mom and Dad.

This also means that we will only need to pay for PCA care for the mornings and evenings while I am gone. His mom can’t do the lifting and hard work required to dress and undress Tim, but she is certainly more than capable – and willing – to make lunch for him and feed him during the day. My PCA bill just went from 55 hours down to 12! That’s a solution that I can live with!

God is so aware of each and every little detail of our lives. And best of all – He cares about all the dilemmas we face. He wants to love on us and have us love Him back. Please join me in praising God for just two of many answers to prayers we have experienced lately. He is an awesome loving God and He is worthy of our praise.


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