Liquid love

I had the most amazing experience today. A long time friend contacted me about a week ago to see if I would be interested in joining her and a couple of her friends to allow them to pray for me. They were very specific that this prayer session was for me personally. Not knowing exactly what to expect, but coveting as many prayers as possible, I agreed to give it a go.

Mary Ann, Denise, and Bonnie are obviously three women who seek God with all their hearts and seek to intercede on behalf of others often! I spent a beautiful two hours being encouraged and prayed for by these three women. I am quite certain I am a different person because of it.

Three things stand out in particular.

Mary Ann took the time to look directly into my eyes and convey a message that I know was prompted by the Holy Spirit. That message is God is not only aware of every frustration I deal with, He is watching how I deal with each and every one and He is proud of me every time I turn to Him for strength. He loves me with a deep and abiding love. And His love is a very personal and intimate love. He sees worth in me – I’m not the schmucky kid I have always seen myself to be. I cry again now as I type this – to think that what I’m doing might matter to God is truly amazing. To think that He has never seen me the way I see myself is a complete paradigm shift. That message will see me through a lot in the coming days. Thank you, God, for that message. And, thank you, Mary Ann, for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you.

Denise had taken time earlier in the week to pray in preparation for our prayer time today. (There’s a lesson right there if you ask me!) She wrote out a few verses along with a picture she was seeing in her mind for me. She saw me in a pool of what she realized was “liquid love” and I had a life jacket on and was bobbing around on the surface, apparently struggling. When I would quit struggling and  sink below the surface, I would be peaceful and happy, but then I would surface again and start the struggling all over again. Oh, isn’t that just the case! When we try on our own, we struggle so very much. But when we sink down into God’s liquid love, we enjoy peace and rest. It’s time I quit trying to keep everything floating on my own strength. It’s time to just dive down in and rest in God’s liquid love. Again, thank you, God, for another life-changing message. And, thank you, Denise, for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you.

And finally, Bonnie. When we arrived, Bonnie was just finishing up baking more cookies than you could count – to be able to send home for my kids. (Remember, I’ve never met this woman before!) The little I learned about Bonnie just whets my appetite to get to know her more. While we were praying and afterward, too, she couldn’t even put into words an actual prayer. Just that Micah was heavy, so very heavy on her heart. I had not shared any of the struggles I’ve been having with him lately. I am confident that Bonnie will continue to pray not only for me, but also for Micah. Thank you, God, for laying Micah on the heart of a stranger that is a true prayer warrior. And thank you Bonnie for listening for the Holy Spirit’s promptings of what our prayer needs really are. (And thanks for the cookies, too:-)

I have so needed to be lifted up like this in prayer. To be encouraged and blessed by strangers has given me a few minutes of rest. Thank you again, Mary Ann, Denise and Bonnie. Your faithfulness to the Holy Spirit’s promptings will be a blessing to me for years to come. I will never forget your love and compassion for me today.


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