Implosion Imminent

Maybe because of my own family background, I am especially sensitive to where the kids are at with everything happening in our current situation. Please double your prayers for us right now.

I need an extra outpouring of God’s wisdom to deal with each child individually and respectfully. Each one is fighting his own demons right now. And in his mind, I am one of the demons that to be rid of! Only His wisdom will guide me in how to work with each one in a loving and gentle manner.

I am also fighting my own demons. And as I get more and more stressed, I find myself taking it out on the boys. (Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of me!) So Holy Spirit strength is needed for sure. Both physical strength to deal with the physical demands of caring for Tim and emotional strength to be strong under the emotional demands on our family.

This week has been particularly daunting for all of us. I think we are all realizing the continued deterioration of things has required the feeding tube to be put in.  For all of us, we are feeling scared, sad, and a little hollow on the inside.  So please pray that the Love of God would fill us with His Comfort, His Peace, and His Joy.



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