Make us glad…

I have, over the past several months, been working on reading one psalm every night before going to bed. Wow! I have found an amazing treasure that I had previously been so ignorant of! Almost every night, I find one verse within the day’s psalm that strikes me as God’s word to me for that day.

A couple nights ago, I found a verse that has stuck with me longer than just a couple minutes. In fact, my mind has been dwelling on this one verse ever since.

Psalm 90:15   Make us glad according to the days You have afflicted us, and the years we have seen evil.

What an interesting pairing – “make us glad” with “the days You have afflicted us”. This psalmist sees that affliction is a natural part of life, but that we can live a victorious life in the midst of affliction. This verse has become my prayer:

Lord, make me glad, bring me joy, help me to smile, give me peace in the midst of this suffering, this affliction, this dark and dreary journey. You are working in me to bring me to a new level of living – one that includes accepting where I am at with grace and love. May I be a living example of grace, joy, and strength in the midst of adversity and affliction.


One thought on “Make us glad…

  1. Girl you are a living example of strength and love of Christ! Thanks for letting us learn in your journey and know that there will be joy in morning!

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