Turn me colors

I just got back from a short walk around a little pond. There happens to be a gazebo there, so I sat for a few minutes to just enjoy the beautiful fall colors. I made an entirely unscientific observation, so please don’t go writing to me that I have it all wrong. I just noticed that the tall trees are full of vibrant color. Those small saplings that are short and hidden under the tall oaks and maples have not turned color yet. They are all still quite green. 

It got me to thinking about why they might not be turning yet. Could it be that, though they are all experiencing the temperature changes the same, the tall trees have access to the sun in a way the saplings don’t? Could the exposure to the sun’s rays be causing the color change quicker and in a more drastic way than for those trees that don’t have open access to the sun?

Lately, I have found myself somewhat stuck in my thinking patterns on only what is happening with Tim and as a result of Tim’s illness. Almost everything has something to do with ALS. Whether it’s how Tim is doing, or how the boys are doing, or planning for our future, everything my mind is stuck on has ALS attached to it somehow. I am starting to feel quite stagnant.

Could I be like one of those saplings? Feeling that winter is coming, but shielding myself from the sun (the Son) and not allowing open access to His life-giving rays.

Yet, I look at those oaks, maples, and others that are allowing the sun to prepare them for the coming winter. In the process of that preparation, they are showing off their beautiful colors for all the world to see. They are shining examples of what God could do in my life, if I just let the Son shine on me. What if I allowed the Son to shine down on me as I am entering a winter phase of life?

I don’t want this journey to be all monochromatic. Green is a symbol of life and that’s a good thing. But since I know winter is coming, I want the Lord to turn me colors so that His beauty shines through me. I want others to see what the Lord is doing in my life – and that it is a beautiful thing.

Challenge to self: release some of the thoughts about Tim & ALS to the wind. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct my thinking to what He wants me to focus on. Open myself to the Son’s rays of life and watch the colors turn.


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