Recovery – slow but steady

A quick update on my own health. As I shared in earlier blogs, I have been quite ill over the past month or so. Many different symptoms, all caused as side effects to Zoloft, an anti-depressant that I had been taking since April.

Last Friday (the 16th) was the last day I took Zoloft. Now, over a week later, I am still in recovery mode. I am feeling considerably better, but I am still quite impatient for the last bits of side effects to completely go away. I am now waking up with just a little bit of nausea; much improved over the feeling that I was going to throw up all over Tim as I was getting him out of bed! I am still easily tired and having a very hard time eating much. In the past three weeks, I have lost about 16 pounds.

I am having more energy throughout the day, which is a very good thing considering how long my to-do list has grown. At least now I have an interest in getting things accomplished. I may not get much done before tiring, but there’s at least hope that some things are getting the attention they should have had a few weeks ago.

At least one good thing has come from me being so sick. This year, I will have an assistant director for Sparks. Sue is an experienced Awana person, so I am very excited to have her put her red shirt back on and come help me in Sparks this year. Yeah, Sue!!

This coming week, I am looking forward to working on The Story for Sunday school and to getting into my sewing room to organize and then continue work on Monkeys at the Fair. I set that project down almost a month ago and haven’t touched it since. I need to get three borders put on and then sandwich it. I also have two quilts back from a friend who quilted them for Tim. Now I need to trim them and put the binding on.

More than anything, I am enjoying being able to recover slowly and steadily without the pressures of kids at home during the weekdays. God truly knew best in the spring when I put the kids into public school. I am so glad I trusted God back then.


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