Long time, no blog

It sure has felt like a very long time since I have blogged. As told in my last couple blogs, I have been warring with the side effects of Zoloft. I am now much, much better! My stomach is still getting better and I am still tired a fair amount of the time, but I am at least on my feet again and getting a few obligations met. Yesterday was the last dose of Zoloft that I took. I expect that by the end of the coming week, I will feel even 100x better than I do now. I surely do hope so!

In the midst of my illness, school has started. All three boys are settling into their school routines now. The biggest change comes for Micah who has now started Middle School. He seems to be doing OK, though I’m not sure of many details. He usually comes home and retreats to his bedroom. Luke has continued his poor study habits from last year right into this year. I’ll be on my knees a lot for him this year! Another prayer concern for him is that his school is potentially closing next year. If that does happen, we will have to make new choices for him sooner rather than later.

Since it has been so long since I blogged, I’m sure all would appreciate an update on Tim. He is still working full time. There is really no way for us to know how long he will be able to work. So far, things seem to be going alright. He is starting to say that he is struggling more with his hands now. Since most of what he does now is on the computer, having his hands not working is not a good thing. I am noticing his left arm hanging loose more and more. We have a team of people in place now that comes in to do range of motion stretching with him. The stretches are not a cure in any sense, but they are helpful to keep his muscles loosened up a bit.

The most disturbing of all changes lately has been the choking. Tim is starting to occasionally choke – mostly on water or his own spit. A few days ago, he choked pretty badly. I’m hoping that the doctors will give us good advice on this issue when we go in next – September 29.

Now, I am adjusting to a silent house Mon through Fri during the day. After a few more days of convalescence, I will be busy, busy, busy during those hours. I have many house projects that have waited for 8 years now to be done. And I have a sewing room that is practically weeping it hasn’t seen me in so long! My first project in there will be early this week – a Grab Bag for BLAST at church. I’ll post pics when it’s done.



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