Axis Rules!!!

Today, my house was overrun by Axis! Axis is the Junior High Ministry at our church. They set up a service project and had about 10-12 (I lost count after a while!) kids come to do projects at our house.

I had a bunch outside on mowing the lawn, fixing the stepping stones, picking up landscaping rock, hauling trash out, picking up sticks and twigs, watering the gardens, weed whipping, picking thistles out of the rocks. I’m sure more than that was accomplished outside, but I wasn’t out there the whole time.

I was also inside: giving the living room a second coat of paint, sanding and smoothing the walls in the bathroom, priming the bathroom and painting the bathroom.

By the time they all headed out, Micah and I were ready for a trip to McDonald’s for lunch!!

Thank you Luke Garvey for setting this up and thank you to each of the kids that came. I only know three of them, and even them I only know by name. I am being carried through this journey by so many people I don’t even know and I love that some of them are my kids’ peers.


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