Broccoli, birthdays, baseball, and Beauty Lake

I promised Simon I would blog about this – in exchange for him eating. The other night, I made one of the scrumptious dishes from my last excursion to Let’s Dish – Chicken in Almond Butter Sauce with Rice Pilaf. I supplemented the dish with steamed broccoli. Simon bargained to eat some of the broccoli as long as I would blog about it. Well, he kept his end of the bargain, and now I have too!

 Yesterday, we hosted a birthday party for my great-nephew Noah at our house. He turned two on Wednesday – and that’s a huge milestone for him. (For those that don’t know, Noah was born with spina bifida.) The feats he has accomplished in the last year have been astounding. He has learned to sit up, crawl, stand and even some independent walking (with his walker). He is babbling more and more with a few almost recognizable words. Dadda comes through pretty good now. I’ve heard mama starting too. He is bright and happy almost all the time.

The only thing that is not making forward progress is his eating issues. He is still fed with a feeding tube. He is still losing his lunch (and breakfast, and dinner, and snack) more often than not. Leah has tried so many different feeding schedules, she’s dizzy with them all! He is now on feedings 5 times a day, starting at 7 am, ending at 11 pm. Imagine that schedule with a fully active 4 year old on the scene too. Leah is near exhaustion. If you think of them, please continue to pray that the feeding issues would resolve soon.

Yesterday was also baseball tournament day for Micah and Simon. Simon’s first game was at 8 am, which was called due to lightning at about 9:00. Micah’s game was supposed to start at 9:45. All games were pushed back 2 hours, so we weren’t able to go back to the fields due to the birthday party. In the afternoon, Simon had a second game that he went to, and Micah attended the end of season DQ run. All told, baseball has been a good season this year. Simon’s team played for 3rd place today, but we had other things going on. Micah’s team struggled for wins, but they all learned a lot and I’m proud of how Micah tried something new with pitching and how he played overall.

Today, Micah and Simon went to camp for the week at Lake Beauty Bible Camp which is on, strangely enough, Beauty Lake. The camp is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church and is located between Little Falls and Long Prairie. I grew up going there as a camper and, now, I have the pleasure of taking my kids there. They love it and have started to invite their friends as well. Micah, Simon and Tyler were already having such a great time that they forgot to say goodbye!

Now that the crazy weekend is over, I’m going to bed early, will rise and get Tim & Luke out the door in the morning and sit down to enjoy my first day of vacation!!


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