The present, the now, and eternity

I have been spending some time today pondering how to best deal with my life. As I see it there are three ways to look at things. Look at the present, look at the now, or look at eternity.

When I look at the present, I see Tim’s condition and how unfair it all is. I get mad at how my husband is losing his dignity all over the place. My tears flow in rivers for all the time we won’t have together. My kids will be losing their dad at such a young age. I am overwhelmed by all the things I need to do to keep our life flowing now. I hate this.

By looking at the now, I can get through today. I make a list of all that needs to be done. I am consumed by what I am working on at the moment. This morning, I got through an entire hour just by focusing on working out. My entire self was wrapped up in just that moment of lifting weights. But I end up returning to the present at some point. And then I’m right back to being paralyzed by the weight of what’s happening in the present.

I am discovering day by day that really the best way to deal with life is to focus on eternity. By keeping my eyes on Christ, I find myself at peace in a way I am not when I look at what is presently happening. I am comforted by my Best Friend who is all-powerful. He has a plan and I know I am in His hands. I feel like I am being wrapped up in a big hug by the Creator of the Universe. I am loved.

So now when I find myself staring out the window just thinking about what’s happening and how unfair it all is, I have a couple ways to jar myself out of the paralysis that causes. I can find what needs to be done next. If I just focus on doing the next thing, I am at least not stuck in the fog. I am moving. But even better than that, I can re-focus my eyes entirely and look at eternity. I know that my entire life is just a blip when put on the timeline of eternity. So the 2 or 3 years that we are working our way through right now is even less than a blip.

I rest my head on Jesus’ chest, His arms holding me warmly

I am breathing in His presence into my soul.

I am at peace that He is in control and His plan is perfect.

I keep myself in the center of His will and trust Him because

He is good. He is love. And it’s all about Him.



2 thoughts on “The present, the now, and eternity

  1. Please, Barb, don’t torment yourself by looking at how bad the “present” is and what the “future” will be. This can only bring you in a depressed state and Tim and the boys need you to stay in the “now” to cope with what is happening at each moment of the day. I am very glad that you “ulttmately” rest in our wonderful Father as only He can, and does, give you love and rest as you trust in Him alone.
    Love you, Mom

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