Prayer requests

Here are a few of the most current prayer needs we have:

* Labor Day weekend – Barb and the boys have an opportunity to go to another Family Camp at Lake Beauty. We would like to go with another single mom and her kids. Pray that we can find someone to stay with Tim for the weekend. The gentleman that stayed with him over July 4th is not available for Labor Day weekend. We need someone that feels comfortable doing personal care that can get quite intimate at times. Barb and the boys definitely need to be able to get away on a regular basis, so this prayer request includes the idea of building a list of people that would feel comfortable doing something like this in the future as well.

* Home health aids – We are starting the process of getting home health aids to come in once a week to give me some respite time. Please pray that the Lord would have just the right people already picked out for this. We will probably have 2 – 3 home health aids on our “list” so that if one is on vacation, the others will still be available. We are working with good friends of ours that own a home health aid business. We are so happy that they are on the list of companies that the ALS Association works with.

* Share the Care – Barb is getting serious about developing a Share the Care group for Tim. This will be a group of people that volunteer to come into our home to help do physical therapy with Tim on a daily basis. We are looking for a couple people to coordinate this group and about 25 people to volunteer.  Please especially pray for the coordinator positions. These people will be responsible to do the schedule as well as recruit more people as needed. If you are interested in more information, contact Barb at her email.

* Micah and Simon – please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will make His presence known to them. Last night, during prayer time, I asked them if they had any prayer requests. Micah wanted me to pray for “time flies.” Since that phrase didn’t make much sense to me, I asked him to explain. He wants time to fly so that Dad doesn’t have to suffer for long. I think there is the added facet that he doesn’t want to watch Dad suffer for long either. Both boys continue to try to sort this all out in their own ways. Pray that God can do a mighty work in their hearts. Pray that I can continue to be patient and grace-filled, yet also expect them to do what is right. Pray that God will fill my cup with wisdom abounding.

Thank you for your continued support as we stumble along this journey.


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