A typical day…

Friday, May 27

Every day is spent in some sort of chaos. Today, for example, after getting Tim up and ready for work, I got Micah and Simon up and going. Micah asked me what was wrong with his eye. I think we have our first run with pink eye – we’ll be finding out at the doctor’s office in about a half hour. Simon got on the bus.

Elaine from church arrived to work on painting the living room. Next, Annah, my ALSA volunteer arrived. She’ll be helping Elaine. Together, they tape and paint the living room. Next Sandy arrived to take Micah and me to the clinic. Luke is still home on break, so he is to help Elaine & Annah.

The doctor visit revealed we still have not had pink eye in our house. It’s either an infection or allergies gone wild. With an arsenal of treatment options in our hand, we are back at home. Now, Sanna arrives to take me to Simon’s school end of year BBQ picnic. He is quite surprised to see his favorite Sunday school teacher at school with me!! After the picnic, Sanna takes me shopping to her favorite store – Kirkland’s. I found a couple of wonderful pieces to decorate with after all the painting is done at my house.

Once we get home, Tim comes home from work and I have a few hours of down time. Then Terry comes over to go over the plans for the bathroom remodel. Things are looking very good for that. I just have a few things that I need to do at Home Depot tomorrow – order the sink and drop down grab bar, pick out the tile for the shower and hooks for a coat nook. Terry also starts the first few rows of laminate flooring in preparation for the small group that will come tomorrow. He’s able to cut the holes for the vents & cables. That will help the small group a lot.

I finally am able to collapse into bed at about 11:30 – after making sure the sleep over guest and Luke are settling down. He has chosen to have a sleepover to celebrate his birthday. So, of course, that has to fit into this day, too.

Tomorrow will be just as jam-packed as today has been. That’s another entry altogether.


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