Short check in

Due to how tired I am, I’m just going to give a quick update on us. Metro Mobility has been transporting Tim to and from work now for a week. There’s definitely a learning curve, but I think we have it for the most part now. After having Tim walk himself onto the lift ramp on Friday morning last week, we both quickly realized that wouldn’t work. So Tim rode his motorized scooter home at the end of the day.  The only thing we discovered about that is that he has to back it on when it’s time to get off. 3M has put an addition onto the back of the scooter so that he can cart his walker around with him. The addition is a bit long for the lift of the bus, but if he backs on it just hangs over the edge. It’s all good.

Tim and I are getting better and better at me helping him up and down. We are getting more and more practice. Most of the times that Tim stands up or sits down, I am helping him at least a little.

Today was shower day. Up and down the stairs again. Up is still OK – just really slow. Down – we discovered why that one time was so bad – he wasn’t wearing socks. With socks on, I only have to help his left leg. It’s slow, it’s not safe, but we do it. The man has to get clean.

We are currently working with a contractor from our church that will be the point person for the bathroom remodel in our house. Terry Miller has offered to do this work for us. I am excited to get it done (see above paragraph for reasons!).

Yesterday, I spent the day in Simon’s classroom. It was so fun – I came home so charged up and rejuvenated. Really, God has given me such a passion for kids. Bring it on, Lord! I can’t wait to see how God uses me!

My seizures are doing better. I had added a med called Depakote. It actually made my seizures worse – I went from 2-3 a week back to many a day. I called the dr and said I’m off! Now that it’s out of my system and I have added a bit more of the Tegretol, I’m doing much better again. No seizures yesterday, one today.

Too tired to think straight. Heading to bed now, but I really do want to sit and give a more reflective look at where we are now. Maybe tomorrow – maybe Friday – maybe not til next week – sometime soon though!


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