New quilt, part 1

 I’ve had a few extra minutes in my quilt room lately. I have decided to use that time to make another quilt for Tim’s bed in the living room. So far, he has only one (and honestly, it’s only a top right now). Anyway – I found a really fun pattern called Buzz Saw. I chose a blue and yellow theme. Here are some pictures of the process. I’ll post more pics when it’s actually finished.

First, I took 20 blue and 20 yellow 8 1/2″ squares and sewed them to white 8 1/2″ squares across the diagonal. When cut apart and pressed open, they look like this:

Half square triangles
After squaring them up to a perfect 8″ square, I used a handy-dandy tool that lets me cut strips at whatever size I need. I cut the 8″ squares into 5 2″ x 8″ rectangles:


strip-cutting ruler
Half-square triangle block cut into strips

Next, I turned each strip upside down. Keep in mind, I now have 40 of each strip in each color.

strips turned the other way

Now the “fun” part starts. I needed to randomize all these strips. I had used many different yellows, blues, and whites. The job at hand is to now really make this look scrappy. So, I used my design board to put strips up on the board and make sure that each block doesn’t have the same fabrics in it. Here’s what just half of the yellow blocks looks like before sewing them together:

scrappy yellow buzz saw blocks, before sewing
And here is half of the blue blocks after they are sewn together:
half the blue buzz saw blocks

Well, that’s where I’m at right now. A massive pile of yellow buzz saws and a massive pile of blue buzz saws. Once I assemble them further and finish the quilt top, I will post the rest of the story!


2 thoughts on “New quilt, part 1

  1. Barb – As a non-sewer, it boggles my mind to see the beautiful work you do! I’m so glad that you have this hobby to enjoy! The quilts you make are just beautiful. Enjoy! “Happy Mother’s Day! Praying for you.

  2. Thank you Arlene. We appreciate your prayers and are glad that you are able to stay up to date with all our doings.

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