Adjusting well & update

Just a quick update on the Filiatrault’s.

This is Week 2 of the boys all being in school. Things are going well. Micah loves going to school. He is adjusting superbly. He does his homework readily and tries to do his best. He is even working on improving his penmanship – for Ms. Lynch. I tried getting him to improve his penmanship for 3 years! Micah is working on making new friends. I think he plays with someone different every day just to test them all out! Somewhat amazingly, he has found a couple kids still at Webster that he went to Kindergarten with.

Simon is doing well, too. He missed 1 1/2 days of school last week, and will miss 1/2 day this week too. But he is also finding new friends to play with. His teacher says he is doing well adjusting. Last night, as I tucked him in, I asked if he liked going to school and he smiled with a thumbs up. Other times when I ask him, he isn’t as enthusiastic. So I think it will still be a little while before he is completely sold on it. But he’s coming around.

Luke is still struggling with getting things turned in. He is so distractible. In some ways, he’s a very typical 7th grade boy. In others, the ADHD is really interfering with his ability to succeed in school.

I am also adjusting well. I was able to get so much housework done in such a short time yesterday! I swept & mopped the kitchen, completely cleaned Micah & Simon’s room out, washed two loads of dishes, did a couple loads of laundry and then enjoyed a few hours (yes, I actually had hours to spend) in my sewing room!! I think I’m going to like this!!

Today, I have some more medical tests. I am having an MRI and an MRA of my head and neck. I really don’t know how an MRA is different from an MRI, but I know that these scans will show the new neurologist if anything has changed over the past couple years. I have been on my preferred medicine now for a couple weeks. It is definitely an improvement. I’ve gone from having 3-4 seizures a day to having 2 seizures a week. I know I have a little bit of room to increase my dosage of the medicine, so there is a good chance we can completely control the seizures very soon. My next neurology appt is May 6. There I will get the results of all these tests and hopefully increase the dosage to completely control the seizures. Then it’s a 3 month countdown!!

Tim’s next in-clinic appt is Thursday morning. There we will start the process of tracking where he’s at now and how much he has declined in the past three months. I see many things that have changed. I am much more involved in daily care now than I was. He is so much slower now. Three months ago, he was walking with his walking stick. Now he is almost ready for a wheelchair! As I have stated so many times now – this disease is relentless and all-invasive. We have sent in an application to Metro Mobility – the local disability public transportation. We should hear back within the next couple weeks on that.

I have found another house to look at. It’s on the line between White Bear Lake and Mahtomedi, so provides bussing to both districts. It is actually a larger house than ours, and the rent would be less than our mortgage payments! It has hardwood floors everywhere and by the few pictures shown on the ad, it is beautiful. I will be viewing it on Thursday afternoon. Pray that I would clearly know if this would be a good choice for us.

We have a lot going on as always. If it seems a bit hard to keep up, know that it’s a bit hard for me to keep up with it, too! It’s good for me to sit down and do these updates, as it provides a way for me to methodically look at how we are doing. This week has quite a bit going on, yet a good share of it is very good. Pray for our appointment on Thursday. I am somewhat dreading what we will hear, and yet I also look forward to the ALS team’s help as we look ahead to the next three months. Please continue to pray that this medicine switch will be the final answer to my seizure issue. And pray that I will clearly know if the house I view on Thursday would be a good fit for us.


2 thoughts on “Adjusting well & update

  1. I’m scared to touch in and talk with you. This blog is so beautiful, and I haven’t learned everything yet. I hope I am typing in the right place?
    Considered yourself hugged! Sometimes it is easier to take care of others than ourselves.
    If you need someone to go with you. Call me. I work 2 days talking care of my grandkids.
    That is why I couldn’t continue with Awana. At 17 months and 3 years old….they wear me out.
    Praying the medication works. I am so tired of taking medications for my face. love ya cc.

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