I think I am finally in the recovery stage of whatever it is I’ve been fighting since Tuesday. Yes, it was anxiety, but it was also some kind of stomach bug. Ugh!!

I was able to attend Rockpoint’s Women’s Day Retreat this afternoon. What a wonderful refreshment to my spirit. The theme: Lord Prepare Me…to be a Sanctuary. How very true. I am learning this minute by minute through this ALS journey. When I open my spirit to God’s leading, how very faithful He is. He lavishes His love on me all the time. This retreat just reinforced this to me even more. What a blessing this afternoon has been to my spirit. Thank you to all the women that pulled this event together.

So, here’s a quick update – things change fast with us, so you have to pay close attention, or things might change before you know it!! We had been looking for a house in the Mahtomedi School District, or possibly Stillwater. Now that Micah and Simon will be going to our local school, we are now back to redeciding about the house. We know that Simon would keep the same teacher for next year. That would be a huge plus – she knows what’s going on with Simon, she herself lived through the terminal illness of her mother when she was a kid. She certainly seems like she will be able to handle whatever Simon tries to throw at her.

We already have Micah lined up to go to Mahtomedi Middle School in the fall. Our neighbor already attends there, so it would be no big deal to have Micah carpool with them. We’ve had that lined up for quite a while already. And Luke is already established in his school.

So now, the only reason to look for a different house is Tim’s situation. Before all of this juggling started, we had been trying to figure out how to adapt this house for him. Now we are back to thinking about that after all. Could we adapt our house, and keep the kids on the path they are currently on for school?

I truly feel like a human yo-yo. We seem to have to make the same decisions over and over and we keep going back and forth over some of them. As you pray, please put at the top of the list that we would be listening for the Spirit’s guidance and that we would make wise decisions. I just wish we could make a decision and not have to come back to it and keep changing our plans. I don’t know if it’s that we aren’t listening to the Spirit or if it’s just the way this disease process goes. But I know all of us would feel much better if we could make a plan and stick to it for longer than a week!


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