Our newest addition

Our couch is about 8 years old. When furniture salesmen tell you that a new couch will last an average of 7 years, they are right on. Our couch is smushy, ripped, and half-broken. I still love it, but it sure is not a good fit for Tim anymore! He struggles every time to either sit gracefully, or stand up on his first try. We’ve known that we’ve needed a new couch for a long time, but now it has become, as has everything else in our lives, slightly more urgent.

So, we went couch shopping on Saturday afternoon. There is very little shopping that Tim does anymore. He mostly does a lot of van-sitting while I do the shopping. So it was quite the excursion to have Tim join Micah, Simon and me as we browsed the couches at a local furniture store. Luke was staying overnight with a friend, so we were still down by one. After browsing the whole first display area, a wonderful woman came to ask if we were finding everything ok. We explained that we were in the market for a new couch and then further explained our situation. She said that she would be glad to show us to a better area of the store, but how ’bout if we stopped by a small display of lift chairs on our way? Sure, we said.

Alas, we never made it to the second display of couches!! We stopped at the lift chairs, checked out the one that had the lift mechanism in it, checked out another one that could have the lift mechanism put in it and Tim just stayed there for a while. He looked so comfortable you could just tell he felt like a king in that chair! So, we bought it!! It arrived tonight and he hasn’t gotten out of it since!

The only bummer – I still have my old and smushy couch! LOL

The king in his new chair

One thought on “Our newest addition

  1. My grandmother had one of those chairs which was then passed on to my parents and then to us after Brian had his accident with his leg being run over. That chair was a miracle. I’m sorry you still have the old couch but I can guarantee that that chair will make thing so much easier on Tim and the rest of you in the long run.


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