P.S. to Downsizing…

Here’s a post script to my earlier blog:

After many tears, much prayer, some support from a good friend, and lots of conversation amongst our family, we have decided that we still haven’t decided!! I think that means that we will probably not strongly pursue this particular house. I have felt and still feel very undecided about this house. It is after all the first house we looked at. Yet, our decision to move is still strong. The reasons we need to move have not changed.

If you live in the Twin Cities, please put the word out as much as you can that our family is looking for a house in the Mahtomedi school district, that has one-level living for Tim, and that would have a space for my quilting. I don’t want to sound selfish, but the quilting room really is a necessity. We would love to move over the summer, giving the boys time to meet new friends before the school year.

If you live outside of the Twin Cities, please pray for us. That the above home setting can be found in time for school to start.

And please pray for peace of mind to come over us all when we have found the right house. I have been flooded with feelings of inadequacy and aloneness this afternoon. It all feels like just so much weight on my shoulders. Some of this I am assuming when it isn’t really there, some of it really is. It’s been a hard afternoon.

Thank you to everyone that passes on our situation to others that will join us in praying our way through this journey.


One thought on “P.S. to Downsizing…

  1. I have been thinking of you all day, so you’ve not been alone in spirit even though I know that does not always help. I wish I could be there to give you a hug and help you through these difficult days.

    When you find the home that God wants you in, you will find that peace of mind; this is my prayer for you!

    I love you my sister, hang in there and remember I’m here for you =)

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